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Check a Field Value in-Between when The Approval Flow is Started



We are building an application using PowerApps (SP List at the backend) and for the workflows are using PowerAutomate.


After creating the Item in using PowerApps, a workflow gets triggered and request for approval. But parallel to the 'PowerAutomate Approval' we have created a screen in the PowerApps where an Admin can go and approve the request. 


The problem we are facing is that: Suppose the Admin approved the request then still the PowerAutomate approver can approve or reject the request which we don't want. We want that, if the item is approved by the Admin then the original approver should not change the status.


How can we achieve this?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hello @AkshayManke 

In the situation that the Admin has approved the item, then when the Approver approves or rejects, reread the item and check if it is already approved and do nothing 🙂

Is that an option for you?

Kind regards, John

Hi @JohnAageAnderse,


Thanks for suggesting it, but i already tried the same. I added a condition in the approval reread after approve or reject. However it is not working as expected. I have attached the snap. Can you please share a snap or explain in details, what actions i have to add and where?



Hello @AkshayManke 

The flow look fine, but the column AdminA... in Condition 2, what column type is that?

If it is a Yes/No column, then the operator should be "is equal to" and the comparision value should be true (an expression)!


You can always check what the actual values are after you flow has executed - just open the flow run and by expanding the actions, you should be able to see what the values are for the different columns.

Kind regards, John

Hi @JohnAageAnderse,


The column name is AdminApproved and the type is Choice with 'Yes' and 'No' value. By default it is 'No' but when Admin approves it, the value gets change to 'Yes' from PowerApps using Patch function.


While i am trying the solution suggested by you, i found that PowerAutomate is not recognizing the changed value as 'Yes' and it is showing 'No' value. Below the snap where i captured the value using Compose action in PowerAutomate. 




How can we tell PowerAutomate that the value is changed from 'No' to 'Yes'? I think that will resolve my issue.



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