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Check for a Change in a SharePoint List Column Value

Hello, I am new to using Flow and I have what I think is a simple task but Im not sure of the best route to take.

We have a manual Change Control process in our IT department which we want to automate using SharePoint and Flows, makes sense right?

Its very simple really:

1. Someone drafts a change control document using a Word document template

2. That person then manually moves the document to a folder called "Comments" and then manually sends an email to a group asking for their comments on the proposed change with a link to the document.

3. The user edits the document if colleagues suggest changes.

4. The user then moves the document to a folder called "Submitted" and again manually emails a group to say the change request has been submitted.

5. The change board meet weekly (Friday 2pm) to review the proposed changes in the Submitted folder and approve, reject or request further information.

6. The document is then moved manually to a folder called Approved when approved and moved manually to a folder called Completed when completed.


I have created a list called "Change Control List" where the user inputs all the data we want to capture about the proposed change name of the service, name of server, reason for change, how to roll back etc etc

One of the columns in this list is called "Status" with a drop down selection with the following values:

  • Draft
  • Comments
  • Submitted

I want the Flow to carry out actions according to the value in the Status column as follows:

  • Draft - do nothing
  • Comments - email a group for comments
  • Submitted - email to the change Board to Approve, Reject or ask for more details.


PROBLEM I have not been able to work out how to trigger a flow when the Status column value is changed... Is this even possible?

If not does anyone else have anu bright ideas about how to do this?






Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Answer #1: Create a new column named something like "oldstatus", and then build the flow to resemble something like the following:


  1. user adds new item, status = draft, oldstatus = empty
  2. workflow checks to see if status == oldstatus. They don't equal, so the workflow runs. As a last step, the workflow changes oldstatus to the current value of status.
  3. A user modified a different field, so now the status = draft, and oldstatus = draft
  4. workflow checks to see if status == oldstatus. They equal, so the workflow stops
  5. user changes status to comment, so now status = comment, oldstatus = draft
  6. etc.


One challenge with the above is that when flow modifies an item, than will trigger another flow run if it's set to trigger when the item is modified.


Answer #2: Instead of triggering off of sharepoint list events, use the PowerApps button trigger. So, trigger the flow from clicking on a powerapps button. This way, you can create different flows for each scenarior, and you can have logic in the button to trigger the correct flow when the field value changes. In my experience, this is easier to build and troubleshoot.

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