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Check if flow is running from another flow



I do need an advice on the matter is it is possible to check if another flow is running at the moment.
Basically I have a flow which I use for powerapps to delay the refresh of the data - it waits for some time while another flow is doing all the work inserting data (I don't have it in one flow because there is no way to put these actions together an not pay extra $$$ for it), so I need a flow which ideally would look like this:

- trigger from PowerApps

- waits 15 sec
- checks if another flow is running

- if yes: wait more, if no: go 

- answer to PowerApps


Is it even possible to do so?



Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hello @bonifacious 

This sounds like you need to have a flag that indicates that the other flow is running. One way to do this would be to use a list for the flag.

The first flow when it runs, creates a unique flag item in the list, then invokes the other flow passing on the flag item id.

The second flow then updates the flag item with status completed when the flow finishes.

The first flow in the meantime has been polling the flag item, waiting for the status to become completed.

When the flag item status is completed, the first flow continues.

Would something like that work for you? 🙂

Kind regards, John

What do you mean by "polling the flag item"?  How would I do something like that?

Advocate I
Advocate I

You can set the PowerApps parallelism to 1, so this flow will only run when no other instance of this flow is running, maybe this should work for what you need.







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