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Checkin issue when trying to create multiple files on Sharepoint



I created a Power automate flow that scan a shared inbox and when an email with PDF documents comes in as an attachment, the flow creates a copy of document on Sharepoint and checks it in.


The flow works as expected 9 times out of 10.  When it fails, I get this error message:  "The file \"\ " is not checked out.  You must first check out this document before making change"

The problem seems to happen when an email arrives with multiple PDF documents attached.  There seems to be a synchronization issue where Power automate tries to create a 2nd file before the previous one is checked in.  I would want Power automate to wait until the every checkin is completed before trying to create the next file.
Any assistance would be appreciated. 
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Super User

Hi @MartinC78 


I hope you get an answer from someone who was able to achieve this. This may not be your expected answer but if that's possible in your case consider turning off require checkout feature in sharepoint itself.

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