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Columns Not Found Using Experimental Features



Recently, I removed all user access from a SharePoint library with the hopes this would restrict access to non-admins (huge mistake.) I didn't think I'd be locked as a site owner but I'm no longer able to access this library (view screenshot below.) However, this library is where my Power Automate workflows are pointing to so I had to come up with an alternative. I've built an identical library and have started updated my Power Automate workflows where it's currently pointing to the old library. 




Currently, I'm looking to match the library filename against names from a list using the "get file properties" and Filter Query option via Power Automate. The strange thing is that I'm not seeing any column options while using Experiential Features via Power Automate (view screenshot below) for both the new library and list.




I've tried testing this with random list and libraries and the same issue persists. Additionally, I've tried creating a new workflow and the issue persists. Really frustrating at this point as I've already had to build the new library.


My update flow runs successfully but it doesn't update any columns as it seems like the columns aren't being recognized (view screenshot below.) In the past I'd see the actual filename but it's not the case here so I know something is off.




Feedback would be appreciated if you've ever experienced this or have an idea on what else to try. Thanks!

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Super User

@Chrisal23  Could you please try removing the action and adding it back again in the flow. Also, try clearing the browser history/cache once.

@Ankesh_49 thanks for your response.


I've re-added this step again to my flow and cleared my cache but the issue persists.


Could this be related to access? 

Super User
Super User

@Chrisal23  Could you please check the connection, being used is it correct? Generally, it throws an error in the beginning itself if you don't have access while adding the library/lists in actions



or trying adding custom value and see if it works



@Ankesh_49 thanks. I noticed there was an error under my connections, so I tried relogging in my 365 account.


It appears I logged in successfully but the issue persists. Could this be related to my access?

@Ankesh_49 I recently noticed that I'm able to run the workflow but receive a warning message (view below.)



When I click the hyperlink within this message I get taken to my flow. At that point, my flow is showing errors on two of my steps where they connect to a SharePoint library. However, when I authenticate myself and try to save my flow I get this error message.














I feel like somehow my access to this SharePoint is causing an issue. If you have any recommendations please let me know. Thanks



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Super User

@Chrisal23  That's what I pointed out in my post above, checking the connection and authenticating it again.

@Ankesh_49 that's the problem that I keep authenticating but can't save my updated workflow.

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