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Impactful Individual

Comparing Excel Files

I would consider myself an intermediate Flow user.  I've created several basic ones and they work fine.  I'm having a hard time getting this latest request working.


For our Projct Managers (let's say 7 of them).  They have a weekly spreadsheet that each of them completes that lists seveal details of various projects and other things.  This spreadsheet has multiple tabs.  This spreadsheet is uploaded to OneDrive for Business in a specific folder.


Currently, the Tableau guys manually kick off a Query that can combine these spreadsheets into one consolidated spreadsheet that Tableau is pointed at to colelct data and visually represent it.


But these spreadsheets get updated manually all the time and so they would always like the latest data in Tableau.  But they don't want to have to manually go out every 15 min and run the query to combine everything.


So in flow, I would like to say every time a file is modified or created in a specific folder, compare the changed entries (or new entries) to the consolidated spreadsheet and if different update them. 


Now we could also just delete the main consolidated spreadsheet and then consolidate all the existing reports in that folder into one again...


I've tried building this out in Flow several different ways but just not getting how to do this?


So looking for some advice on approaches to this? Or if it is even possible.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ Mattw112IG,



Do you want to update the consolidated spreadsheet with date from a spreadsheet in a specific folder in OneDrive for Business?


If you want to update the consolidated spreadsheet with date from a spreadsheet in a specific folder in OneDrive for Business,and the spreadsheet in a specific folder isn't a specific file,I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently. The "Get rows" action of excel connector could only get a excel file from the Picker as below:


You couldn't get the excel file from mannually enter the file path or a dynamic content in the "File name" field.



So if you would like to achieve your need, you should make sure you could only update the specific spreadsheet in a specific folder, to trigger the flow to update the consolidated spreadsheet.


I would create a flow to update the consolidated spreadsheet in foder "b" with the specific modified spreadsheet in folder "a".


I have created a consolidated spreadsheet in foder "b" and a same specific modified spreadsheet in folder "a" as below:



You could refer to screenshot below to create the flow:












Please let me know if your problem could be solved




Alice Zhang

Wow, thanks this will take me a little bit to digest then I will let you know.


You had a couple follow on questions in your response, I will try to answer those:


"Do you want to update the consolidated spreadsheet with date from a spreadsheet in a specific folder in OneDrive for Business?" - wouldn't be just dates, would be all sorts of data across multiple tabs.


Specific folders and specific files... the consolidated file would always stay the same name since Tableau is assigned to it as a data source.  The input files from the PMs I think would change names but I could ask them not to and just always use the same names.






Hello, @Mattw112IG!


Have you had a chance to apply @v-yuazh-msft ‘s recommendation to adapt your Flow? If yes, and you find that solution to be satisfactory, please go ahead and click “Accept as Solution” so that this thread will be marked for other users to easily identify!



Thank you for being an active member of the Flow Community!



Flow Community Manager

- Gabriel
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I haven't yet, but will try to get to it today.



I have a somewhat similar use case, and it's really disappointing that there is no way to dynamically load the latest Excel file in a library, for example.  I can imagine use cases based on a constantly-updating workbook, but it's very limiting to hardcode the filename!  I currently have 100+ Nintex workflows in SharePoint 2013, and I would like to use Flow as an alternative going forward, but at this point I keep running into limitations that quickly turn into roadblocks.   

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