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Complex Policy Doument Flow

Hello...I'm fairly new to Microsoft Flow and came across this community...which has been a great learning resource for me over the last few days. 


I have a fairly complex business requirement...hoping that the community may be able to lend a hand/insight into how I may be able to construct such a Flow.




1.) Document library will containt a farily substential amount of policy documents. Each policy document will have a "reviewDueDate", in which case, the Flow should sent out an email notification to designated Policy Owners on February 1st if the policy is due for review that calendar year.

2.) Subsequent reminders for policy owners are sent every 30 days thereafter until "policyStatus" is marked as "reviewed and ready for approval"

3.) When "policyStatus" is set to "reviwed and ready for approval" a sequencial approval workflow will be kicked-off and sent to five "department heads". If anyone of the "department heads" rejects the policy document, the approval workflow ends and the "policyStatus" is marked is set to "rejected"...and an email notification/confirmation is sent back to the policy owner notifying them of the rejection.

4.) Any approvals pending for more than five business days will trigger an automated reminder




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Could you please share a screenshot of your sharepoint document library?

Could you please explain more about the "reviewDueDate" of each policy document that you mentioned? Is it a property field of the sharepoint document library?

Could you please share more details about the policy owner that you mentioned? Is it a property field of the sharepoint document library?

Could you please share more details about the "policyStatus" that you mentioned? Is it a property field of the sharepoint document library?


Please take a try on you side to create the flow and see if you could achieve your needs, and if you have meet with some problems you could post the question here and we would provide a solution to you.


Also you could share more details about your scenes and we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


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Hi @v-yuazh-msft,


Thank you for replying back to me. Please see attached screenshots of my document library and the two Flows that I have built to accommodate for my requirements. Not sure if there's a need to build two Flows but that's what I have done so far. You will notice that one of my Flows accommodates for the "recurrence" check on a monthly basis to see whether or not the "reviewDueDate" (I've renamed this field as PolicyReminderDate) is equal to today. If so, the next thing the "recurrence" Flow checks is whether or not the "policyStatus" (I've renamed this field as ReviewStatus) is equal to "Draft". If both of these conditions are true, the "recurrence" Flow will send out an Outlook email notificaiton to the "Policy Owner" listed for the document in quesiton to notify them that they have a policy document pending review. This will repeat and notify the policy owner again the next month until the "ReviewStatus" is changed to "Ready for Approval". Not sure if this Flow is adequate or properly created but it seems to work as expected...however...I am seeing double e-mail notifications...not sure why.


The next flow I have is a "sequential approval" Flow. The issue I am having with this Flow is that I am unable to "skip" any of the stages of the approval. You will notice in my "Doc Library" screenshot that I have respective columns/fields for "PolicyOwnerRequired" (Yes/No), "LegalApproverRequired" (Yes/No), "ComplianceReviewRequired" (Yes/No), "PolicyOfficerRequired" (Yes/No), and "COORequired" (Yes/NO). Along with the "required" column/fields mentioned...I also have corresponding columns/fields for the respective person. The idea is that an admin/user who starts the Flow will be able to control which approvers actually need to approve the policy document in question. For instance, Policy Owner is always the first stage of the approval so they are required...but after that...the site admin might want to skip review/approval by the Legal Approver and go straight to the Compliance Reviewer for approval. Hence why I have the columns/fields set up the way they are...not sure if this is the best method...probably it is not working as expected. What's happening is that it would appear that I have to have all stages or approvers listed as "required" in order to actually go through the entire sequential approval...which is not ideal.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.





Document Library ScreenshotPolicies_Doc_Library.png



Recurrence FlowDocLibrary_Recurrence_1.png



Sequential Approval FlowDocLibrary_Sequential_1.png









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