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Concurrency Control troubles.. Multiple instances of the same flow runs at the same time.


I've made a flow where one part of it is as following:

Get Date from API > Check if Excel document contains the date >
IF not > insert date to excel > send mail saying row updated.
IF yes > send email saying row already exists.

The flow will run twice since there is two  dates from API. I want it to run them after eachother, and not at the same time.

Best case scenario the first run will insert a date and send email. The second run will detect that row already exists in excel and send email saying it already exists.


But since Flows runs at the same time, both runs will write to excel and create accounts..
I've enabled Concurrency Control and set it to 1 but it still runs twice at the same time.

Note: The second time I trigger the Flow it detects that there is input in Excel. So the "flow chart" is okay..


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hello @Liminity_Sammy 

Did you find a solution to your issue or is it still relevant?

If still relevant, what did you mean by "The flow will run twice since there is two dates from API. ..."?

Are there two calls to the flow or does the one call contain two dates?

Kind regards, John

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