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Helper II

Conditional Emails

We have a scenario where employees are submitting leave requests.  For a number of reasons, we have a separate approved list which will then populate a manager search field for the employee to select who to route their request to.  This is working well and we have email alerts going to the manager when a new request is submitted.


Many of our managers have clerks that would normally take the paper requests and then note the days off on a centralized departmental Calendar.  Again, for a number of reasons, we need to allow the users an open text field to note the day(s)/Date(s) they are submitting the request for.  For this reason, we cannot automate the population of a centralized calendar, so we will need to conditionally notify the clerks based on the manager the employee submits the request to.  

I'm looking for suggestions on how to handle this.  We thought of having the managers setup Outlook rules because we are using standard subject lines in the email alerts.  This would allow them to create a rule that forwards a copy of the alerts to the clerk.  However, we have found rules to sometimes be unreliable and would like to embed the functionality in the app.


Im thinking about creating a flow that essentially assigns a clerk to a manager via a list and using that as a trigger to send notification to the clerk when an employee submits a request to specific manager.   I'm not sure this is the best approach as the lists and flows associated with this app are getting more complex and becoming a lot to manage.


looking for ideas.....


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What if you had a list that this process dumped out the data to.


Then the clerks could setup their own alerts on the list and process what they need, or setup no alerts at all and process as they want to view the list?

Certainly an option, we were are trying to limit access to the lists and keep people within the app.

Also, leave requests should not be shared with others.

Helper V
Helper V

Hi @Amghost,


Where are you storing your approved list of managers?  Rather than use a Flow to manage the clerk/manager relationship you could build the clerks into your existing list.  Each item would have a manager and an associated clerk, and from there it's a simple SharePoint Get Items action to get those values.


So your process would be similar to this:


  1. Employee Submits leave request to a particular manager
  2. Flow runs and stores the manager in a variable
  3. SharePoint Get Items where Title eq ManagerVariable
  4. Retrieve the associated Clerk from the information that comes back
  5. Send email to that Clerk 

Hope that helps!



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Hi @Amghost,


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