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Connecting to a Sharepoint Subsite

I have a site with URL/Site/SubsiteA and SubsiteB, running on Sharepoint Online.


I have a fairly complicated flow that works on issues, but when I try to create a different flow to SubSiteB, it doesn't recognize that subsite.  I can enter the url manually, cut n paste from the SubsiteA listing.....doesnt matter.  I used the full url, removed the https...doesn't matter.  There are no special characters, backspaces, spaces, dashes used in the name of the Subsites.


I have full rights as the owner of the Main Site, and the subsites.  Additionally, I'm unable to get the flow to recognize any subsites.  

My head is hurting.  any thoughts?

Super User
Super User


While I understand that you believe that you are a site owner on SubSiteB, this does sound like a permissions issue.  My suggestion is to, at least temporarily, have yourself added as an SCA and see if you can create your Flow.  If you can, then you can reasonable assume that this is a permissions issue.  If you can't get added as an SCA, ask an SCA to  create a test Flow that references the subsite.  Even if you are a site owner, there may have been modifications made to the site permissions structure that impact your ability to create the Flow.  The bottom line is that you need to test as an SCA.


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I am the owner of the Site, and the creator of all subsites, and in the owners group throughout.


Thanks for the idea however 🙂


Bump.  Anyone?

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