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Connector Listing Submission

When submitting a connector listing Microsoft asks for the API responses. Do they want a detailed list of all API responses or just the ones that will be available in the following steps of the workflow?


Thank you!




You are referring to submitting Connector for certification?

I believe that the Response should have a schema, that means certain keys and values in the response tend to be returned in a particular shape or way, such as {"A":"B","C":2"} in the aforementioned, A is always present and is a string, and C is always present and is a number. This is just a conceptual simplification though.

That would probably be the first thing.  If you have more than one "shape" you can consider using dynamic schema

If you are using custom code transform, this might take precedence over the above by the way and the above might not apply.


I am not sure if a detailed list of specific API responses is needed, where did you see this stated? It depends on where you are being asked this specifically, is this on a web form of some sort? 

If not, I suspect it is just that you should be concerned with the schema for now. Anyway, when you make the custom connector, you may have to define the schema or it just won't work at all in the first place and can't even be submitted. 


In any case, I suspect the connector will be tested to see if it returns real responses and is working correctly.


For further questions I recommend you follow this process here and specific team who is well versed in this area could be in contact with you to help you with further questions of this kind, I recommend you direct these kinds of questions to them in future if possible.




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