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Convert to PDF does NOT fail

Hi everyone,


I have a rather strange issue, but still an issue, hopefully someone else has encountered it. I am passing a HTML code from Power Apps to Power Automate and use the OneDrive for Business connector to convert the HTML to PDF. Obviously, there is the 2MB limitation, therefore I have added a branch for when the conversion fails. All good for probably around 50+ users. 


However, one of the users is passing a large HTML, but the action does not fail and the pdf created has System.Char[] (probably because is larger than 2MB). Why isn't the action failing so it can go to the other branch?


A few screenshots:


This is when the conversion fails, so it does work



But in this case, only for THIS user, it does not fail, although the size is way above 2MB




And this is what it's being created




Why, I cannot understand why?! Can anyone think of a reason, please?


Thank you.


Resolver I
Resolver I

Seems to be an overflow somewhere in the convert control.

Got same result by passing a text file with more than 26 212 500 character around 25.599Ko.

You should maybe add a custom control on length of your convert file content.


Thank you, Philippe, you may be onto something here, this particular user is adding, unlike others, 50odd photos, so the HTML containing the base64 representation of the photos, is probably way larger than that 20m chars. 


Is this another limitation of the action? 


Edit: I think it may be this, will add a compose length function action too see if that's  the case




Resolver I
Resolver I

worth it, maybe report this in the bug section of this forum

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