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Converting Excel to PDF



I have a workflow that gets SP list items, and inputs them row by row into separate Excel files depending on a criteria, then converts said Excel to PDF. The content used to shrink and fit to a page, however now it doesn't. It cuts the data without shrinking.


My basic flow for converting is this:



Super User II
Super User II

Hey @Anonymous 

This was reported by another community user -

Given your Flow hasn't changed, but the output is different it implies the OneDrive service has been updated.



Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Hi @Anonymous ,

This may not be solution you are looking for but to reduce dependency on changes like this that we cannot influence directly, I can share how I usually handle Excel to PDF requirements:

  1. Organize you data in one or more tables in your Excel file
  2. List your rows using the Excel connector
  3. For each row add the data you want using an HTML expression with common HTML tags
  4. Create an HTML file with the File Content being the HTML you want
  5. Convert file from HTML to PDF

This way you have a lot of possibilities to influence the output (also with custom styling, logo's etc):

Again: not a real solution for your actual problem but maybe a different approach 👍

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Hi @Django , thank you for your reply.


Is this the correct flow for your suggestion? I tried it, and it ran successfully, but I can't seem to open the PDF file (I get an error saying "failed to load PDF document").



hi @Anonymous,

It may sound silly but when creating the file you need to determine the file extension (.PDF).

I do this by determining the filename in a Variable or Compose action (because I use it in muliple actions):


and then reference that in the Create file action:



Also note that you are still creating an .XLSX file? If converting from .XLSX to .PDF in your old flow is causing issues, this new setup will probably not solve those issues --> in my example I create a .HTML file where I can influence the styling and layout more than in a .XLSX file and then convert from .HTML to .PDF

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