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Helper III
Helper III

Copy File isn't copying the Content Control variables

Hi there,


This is my flow setup:



It copies and moves the word doc fine but when I open the word doc, all the Content Control variables aren't populated. It basically didn't get copied over. Anyone know why? 


For example, the "Company Name" should've been populated "Polo" instead of the Content Control default name "Company Name":



I checked the orginial word doc and it has everything in there.


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @EdwardC


Could you please explain more details about the Content Control variables that you mentioned?


Please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


Hi Alice,


Content Control variables are fields which are pulled from SharePoint.

You can get content variables by:

1) Open Word

2) Click on Insert tab and go to Quick Parts

3) Click on Document Properties -> Select your variable (these are content variables)


I can't really explain how it works in detail but this link seems to explain it pretty well:


Basically my issue is it's not copying over the populated variables. Instead, it's just copying over the empty Content Variable. 

To give you guys a better idea, I'm copying the file from Document Library to a Document Set. The Word doc's metabase isn't copied over for whatever reason. No one else experienced this issue?

Advocate V
Advocate V

Have you tried adding a final step to the Flow: SharePoint "Update file properties"

Then set property of the copied file based on the outputs of the previous "Get file properties".


A bit tedious but I'd think it should work...

Ohh that's great thinking. Didn't think of that.. I'll give that a try. 

To do that, I'll have to first create all the categories again on the document sets so it can have feilds on FLow to update. I'll keep you updated

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