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Helper II
Helper II

Copying and configuring Flow to another Site Address has changed the Statuses of ALL my list items to "Pending"

Hey Everyone,


I am a bit frustrated here trying to figure this out... I am not entire sure what happened but I can determine the Flow has something to do with it.


I had a Flow set up and running that interfaces with lists on a hub site that I use for testing web parts. When I was ready to move to production, I made a copy of this same Flow and changed the Site Addresses and List Names to the ones on the production hub site. This was done yesterday and I have not turned on the Flow until around midday today...


When I visited the production site today to test out the Flow, I see that all the fields under my "Status" column are set to "Pending".... When I checked the "Modified By" and "Modified" fields on this SharePoint List, they state Modified By: HR (which is the service account i'm using for the Flow) and Modified: Yesterday at 3:33PM (which, if I can recall correctly, was the time I completed changing over the Flow to the production site lists). 


The horrible thing is, all these list items are past data that has been processed already, but now, since the statuses were tampered with, I have no idea which were approved, rejected or pending.... I guess the good thing is that, only the data in the "Status" column has been changed...


Has this happened to anyone? OR does anyone have an explanation as to why this has happened? I really need advice with figuring out how to do a rollback or something to get those status values back to what they were.... Please help me... Looking forward to responses...😅


Thank you very much...

Super User
Super User

@Y_R one of the actions that's very important before doing anything with a flow that changes list data is to export the All Items view with all columns to Excel. There is no rollback with Power Automate so the export is crucial to ensure you can retrieve previous list item values. Unless you have got versioning set up on the list you won't be able to get the list back to the state it was in before the flow ran.

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