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I am currently automating a task in which I happen to use if condition and I need to send a mail if the condition is false for 3 times continuously.


To be more precise, I need to restart some process if the condition fails. And let's assume that the bot runs for 6-7 times in an hour and If the condition fails for more than 3 times out of 6-7 times then I need to send an email. I am trying to update the number of fails in excel and check if there are more than 3 fails then it will send an email but it is taking me nowhere and I'm not sure if what I am doing is correct. If it isn't then how to automate that task.


Can you please suggest me a way how to do it?

Your help will be very much appreciated, Thanks!

Community Champion
Community Champion

I use Flow (PowerAutomate) for SharePoint most often and rarely for excel but I can tell you how I do in SharePoint and see if similar and maybe help. 


Get Items <-- Filter to only pull ones with certain status

Compose = Length(<-- click value of my get items-->) --- this gives me a count of how many have that status

Condition = If 'Compose' is greater than 3 -- will give you a yes and no to decide if something happens or nothing


I know it is a little different for using excel but maybe this will still help.

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