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Create Approval Flow to Update Status if Task is Rejected Using Plan ID & Assignment

Hi everyone - 


Not sure if anyone's run into this before but for simplicity I'd like to modify an existing template to allow me to set up specific approval flows by not only plan but bucket and assignment. Essentially my team has 4 plans with multiple bucks and 3 different approval levels based on task.


I'd like to set up specific flows that would path approvals to different users based on plan, bucket, and assignment. I got part way down a path based on another response but then realized that I had forgotten a key piece which is the assigned user (also, what is a user's ID for Teams/Planner. Is it simply their co. email?)


So in the flow below, my ideal would be that when a task was completed by User 1 is completed within Plan A, Buckets A, B, C, etc. then User 2 & 3 are notified of an approval request for review.  The 3 triggers: Plan, Assigned To, and Bucket should give me the flexibility to set up the rules I need so the right individuals receive the right QA requests.


Thank you in advance for the help!








In the assignedTo filed you can specify the user's email whom you want the request to be assigned to so that he can take action on that request.


Let's consider that user1 is a user in the organization and his manager is manager1.

Now when the user1 creates approval request it has to be sent to manager1 for review and action.


So in the flow approval request on the assignedTo field you will specify manager1 email address so that request will be assigned to him.


You can use the action GetManager in flow to retrieve manager details of a specific user.


User ID in teams and planner refers to user email address.


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