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Create CSV vs HTML Table - Need to make all text visible in SharePoint multi-line column - how to format in flow

hi all,


I am desperately trying to find a way to format the view of a rich text multiline SharePoint column so that the list displays all of the text in the column. I have  a flow that creates a HTML table and that table is then input into the multi-line column (in essence, the column is updated by re-inserting the HTML table). This works fine, however the column only shows the first few rows before it 'fades out' in the list. I need it to display all text.


I have tried column formatting, which doesn't work (shows the html formatting). I have tried using 'create csv table' in the flow instead but then I can't seem to have the column view look like a table. 


I don't need a fancy table, but because the content in the table will vary in length it needs to be in a table format in order to make it readable. 


Any thoughts or suggestions ????


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hey @StillLearning 

This is really a SharePoint question not Power Automate.

I expect you'll need to create a custom formatter for either the column or view depending on your full requirements, check out the following references:

Column formatting:

View formatting:


This might be a good starting point:



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