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Create separate Calendar invites

I have created a form for colleagues to attend training courses.  The MS Form has the name of the course and a date picker.  On the form there are multiple courses and people can choose to attend more than one course.


The flow records the responses in a SPO list.  I want to send a calendar invite for each course the person wishes to attend.  How do I configure the flow to record each date individually in the list.  If a colleague for example fills in the form and selects two courses to attend.  At the moment the flow saves the form data as a single line.




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Hi @Anonymous 


As Form will respond to one JSON string, you should create a custom array for each course and use that array to create a new list item.
Here is an example:
My Form has the following fields: Number, Type1, Type 2, Type3, and I would like to create an item for each different Type user will select.


Field to array.png 

Hi @Anonymous


Let me know if this works for you.


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Hi @DeepakS 


Thank you for your help. I think I am nearly there, arrays are new to me. I have created an array like your screenshot but I am getting this error 


String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.\r\nclientRequestId: 69f62d1b-1f1e-4d3c-87d2-cf774a3c8740\r\nserviceRequestId: 69f62d1b-1f1e-4d3c-87d2-cf774a3c8740"
The output looks like this
The SPO List is a date time column I suspect that this is a mismatch, how do I resolve this?

Hi @Anonymous 


Yes to save date in SharePoint you need to format the date , use following expression to format the date value that you getting form FORM:

If still does not work share a screen capture of power automate.
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My form design has changed now so I will check back with you later 🙂

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I am still getting errors, I must be missing something


fomatdatetime =  

I get this error
I tried your suggestion of formatDateTime(items('Apply_to_each')['Date'],'yyyy-MM-dd')
but I get
The template validation failed: 'The repetition action(s) 'Apply_to_each' referenced by 'inputs' in action 'Create_item' are not defined in the template.'.

Hi @Anonymous,
Loop name in your power automate is Apply to each 2 so replace Apply_to_each with Apply_to_each_2.
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Hi @DeepakS 


Same error, I renamed my loop and remove the _2


Screenshot 2020-02-23 at 11.11.15.png

Hi @Anonymous,

you don’t need to pass the Date column as if I am not wrong in your array you just have dates.
So use the current item, I think similar to what you using in you compose action.

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