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Created or Updated item in SharePoint List with Flow is not searchable

Hello, not sure what's going on.
The flow updates or creates an item in SharePoint custom list and that's pretty much it.

The updated or created item never appears in search results, unless someone goes and makes changes manually via list interface or rest api.

Same tenant has similar flow but search works fine for items it creates.

Also, same flow works on other tenant and search is fine there.


So the problem is only with that particular list and flow. I tried deleting list and creating new one and also tried same with the flow. Any ideas?

Super User
Super User

I'm presuming you are talking about the search in sharepoint itself?  I have a couple of questions for you.  How many items in your SP List?  I'm presuming not very many since you are saying you recreated the list.  

We can get to the bottom of this.  Lets take this apart piece by piece.

Yes, i'm talking about SharePoint search.

The list is new, not too many items (like 10 or so).

I tried adding step to create new item in the list in completely another flow and it didn't work.

I assume the list somehow involved in this. It's a default list, no settings changed (including Make contents of this list appear in search results).


@AlexKReply ,


Its been quite a while since I have worked just in SP.  I think it was in native SP 2013?  I found the basic search to be absolutely flawed.  I had many occasions where searching even with the exact string to not appear.  However, I did find that making views seemd to be pretty reliable using the filter criteria.  I never did get much of an answer for that situation.  I have had a renewed hope for SP searching using Powerapps to manage lists.  Using Filter(), SortByColumns(), even using a Text Input object to be very reliable.  As long as you keep things delegable (we can discuss this later) you wont have issues when your lists get longer.  I also found PowerApps to be much more usable for users that dont have any experience with sharepoint.  It also keeps users out of the lists and making accidental changes to records.  Is this an option for you? 

Noup, PowerApps not an option.

Thanks guys, i'm recreating list with new url and title, let's see where this is going.

@AlexKReply ,


I hope you can figure this out.  Even my IT department (at a VERY large company) was not settled with the search unreliability.  I know in powerapps, using a Refresh() command is necessary after updating a SP list to have your views to appear with the new data.  I dont believe there is any kind of command structure in SP to do that either.  


In this case, you might go into the list that works, and the list that does not, and compare some of the list parameters.  Perhaps one list has an indexed column, and the other does not, or something of that nature.  If you do not have an indexed column, it might be a good idea to do that to one.  It does seem that a SP list will work better if it has one field indexed.  This is just my anecdotal experience. 

I'm somewhat sure it's an environment issue, I mean it works on other tenant and doesn't on production tenant.

I agree with search unreliability sometimes, but we're using very basic search parameters which more than enough in our case. Still this happens =\

I presume you are using a local SP installation?  What version of SP? just curious...


It's SharePoint Online.

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