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Creating User Activity SharePoint List



I have created a flow to create a new sharepoint list that stored the user activity. This means that everytime user create or edit the form, all the items, including attachments  will be created as new row in the new sharepoint list.

I have succeeded created the flow.


However, whenever I run the flow (manually, not using the test button functions), it take quite some time for the row to be created. 

Another problem is, If the new form submitted have not been created yet in the sharepoint , and then the user suddenly edited the form, what will happen later is the old form is not been stored in the sharepoint, only the updated form is stored.


How to ensure that both new form and edited form are being stored in the new share point?


I hope anyone can helps!


Thank you

Helper V
Helper V

Hi @_kikilalaaa,


For your first question about the flow taking a while to create the item, can you share screenshots of your flow?  I'd like to see how it is configured in case we can increase the efficiency at a few steps.


For the second question about the user editing the submission prior to the user log entry being created, I would do a few things:

  1. First, is the "form" that the user creates and edits a SharePoint form (as opposed in Microsoft Forms)?  
  2. If the form is in SharePoint, turn Versioning on in the list so that every instance of that item is captured with a separate version number
  3. In the SharePoint "user log item" list, create a new column called "Version."
  4. In the flow that creates a log entry item, make sure that you get the Version Number of the current SharePoint item and store that in the "Version" column of the user log list.

This will create a separate item entry for each Version in your user log; however, from your original post, it sounds like each new and edit to the original form is supposed to create a separate entry. Just know that this list has the potential to quickly grow beyond the list view threshold.  Make sure you have indexing or an archival plan in place!  

Take care,



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Hi @AKRogers !


Thank you for the reply. 


1. Here is my flow


separate list.PNG

1. When item is created,

2. the items / columns for that id will be retrieve from SP list A. 

3. Get the attachments from the same id, in SP list A.

4. Create item in SP list B (that have same column as SP List A)

5. Get the attachments content from SP List A and add the attachments to SP List B.



2. For your 2nd question, Yes, I use Power Apps to collect the data, and then it will be stored in SharePoint.

I have tried the Version function. Thanks to you, I think that work out as well! But, it always set attachments and the creator email as separate version from the original one. 


2.0 is the attachments. If I edited the form, suddenly the email creator became 4.0 version, and then the attachment is 5.0 version2.0 is the attachments. If I edited the form, suddenly the email creator became 4.0 version, and then the attachment is 5.0 version


Which one do you prefer, using the flow or the version? I look forward for your reply!

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