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Creating a Planner Task When A Single Cell Is Updated In Excel

Hi all,


I have created multiple Flow's in the past but I am struggling to get my head around creating this one. My end goal is to have data pulled from another non-Microsoft platform using scripts and have that data placed into an Excel spreadsheet. (Sorted this half). Then I would like my Flow to create a new Planner task when a new set of data is added into a row in Excel. I have got the creation of a task in Planner part sorted; my issue lies trying to make the Flow trigger when some new data is updated in a specific row in Excel. If you require any more information, please let me know or you can directly contact me on my email -


Many thanks and I hope you can help! - Harry.

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Super User


Some additional details around your use case will be helpful to those trying to assist.  Can you explain a little more about what you're trying to do?  



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Hi Scott, thanks for the assistance, much appreciated. 


My Plan from start to finish is:

We as a business use AutoDesk Fusion Lifecycle. To simplify it's purpose, it is an in depth database. Using JavaScript, I can output data into an Excel worksheet when needed. The reason I am creating this Flow is that when an 'Asset' such as IT equipment is placed into a state of 'In Maintenance', the JavaScript will pull the details regarding the Asset and place it into a spreadsheet. I have this working at the moment, now onto the actual Flow.


What I want to do is that once new data is updated and placed inside of the Excel spreadsheet after an asset is placed in 'Maintenance', the Flow will post a new Task inside of Microsoft Planner. I have the Planner part working, my issue is the Excel trigger.


Hope this helps, thanks again!

- Harry.

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