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Helper V

Creating an Authorisation/Approval Process from scratch for SharePoint Online

Hello all.

I have never used flow  before but have to create the following workflow. I am also considering Sharepoint Designer but wanted to see if flow can do it easier/quicker:


  1. Users put a request in to say they want authorisation and why they want it, in order to download files. I was thinking of using Infopath to create this form..

  2. The Request is then reviewed by an IT Team/person who can see what the person has access to and edit/view

  3. The IT team then send this form to a managing director who will say Yes or No

  4. Form then goes back to IT Team who give the authorisation or not

  5. Form sent back to the User or just Authorisation turned on/off and user notified

So it looks like I need an Input form, a database to store user info and this 5 step Workflow

Please could anyone help with resources/guides or if this is the best simple yet efficient approach to this task? I am looking at guides etc in the meantime or if all this is possible using flow!


P.s. If i wanted users who submit the form not to be able see or edit the column say 'Approved', would I have to create different views? I would like say the IT Team to be able to edit and add info to a column but everyday users not be able to see or edit these. 


Thank you for your time and I appreciate any replies!


I would appreciate any replies.


Thank you!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @tested1,


I assume that your scenario could be achieved by a flow likes below.

1.From your description, it seems that requesters will submit their requests in a list. Add the trigger When an item is created in SharePoint list.

2.The request will be reviewed by an IT team, add an action Start an approval for the first approval.

3.IT team send the request to director, add second Start an approval action.

4.Form then goes back to IT Team. If the approval response is equal to Approve, send an email to IT team to give authorization, then send another email back to the requestors to notify them.

A screenshot for your reference.



Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Hello Mabel.


Thank you very much for the informative reply! It is very helpful


I was wondering if you knew how I would set up the SharePoint site? Would I just need a new list called say 'download authorisation requests' and have columns such as Title, Date, and Approved?


Users can then fill in a template word form and upload it to here? Also I was struggling to find the 'TO Email' in the first flow step.

Can it be done so the file uploaded is attached to the authorisation email sent to say the IT Team?


Unfortunately it is my first time designing a sharepoint site as well! If you have any useful guides or tips to do this, much appreciated!



Hi @tested1,


Before creating the flow, we need to create a SharePoint site and create a proper connection to it. Besides, when using the SharePoint triggers/connections, a list is required. You could create a custom list and add columns of different type based on your scenario, add columns such as Title, Date, etc.

The following doc on Create a team site in SharePoint Online could be your reference:

And following docs on list and columns for your reference:

About the dynamic content To Email in the first flow step, it is a column of type Person or group and named as To which contains the email address of the user to whom I want to send an email.

A screenshot of my list:



Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi @v-yamao-msft


Thank you once again for the informative reply.


Quick question if you havnt mentioned already.


  1.  Could the first authoriser edit and change the users document and is it possible it would update automatically on the SharePoint site? 
  2. Can I skip the 'IF Yes Send an email to TO'. Is this an email to the first approver saying the second approver has approved this? I dont think I need this
  3.  Would the TO Column contain the email address of the person who will Authorise it or the email address of the person who created the Item, likewise the FROM column would be who made the request/uploaded document? Could I just put say 5 users emails down who may want to approve the document in the Assigned to box instead of the TO column as I am unsure how that works. I was unsure on the purpose of the TO and From Column
  4. If a user uploads a file to this list, can every other user see this? Can I make it so only a selected few can see these files uploaded in the SharePoint List? I think I can based on permissions but just checking
  5. If the first authoriser rejects the request, can they give a customised reply saying why it was rejected? -Edit Just saw if i click reject request, it allows a text box for a reason. Can the person who sent the request see this?

 EDIT - I have had a go at the flow but just wanted to confirm the above 🙂

Thank you!

Any other suggestions? Thanks

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