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Creating and reviewing tasks and sub-tasks in Planner using Flow


I wonder if anyone can help.

I'm new to Flow and have been asked if I might be able to help with a solution to the following scenario:


"Is there something in the O365 suite that can help us to schedule tasks, send them to responsible individuals and then get that person to record when they’ve completed them?

Can you advise if there’s something we can use and possibly demo this?

An example would be:


Responsible person:       Transport and Accommodation manager

Reviewer:                           Operations Director

Task:                                      Perform daily vehicle checks

Sub tasks:                            Check vehicle tyres for wear and tear

                                                Check water and oil levels

                                                Lights and indicators are all working

                                                Ensure the car is clean inside and out"

                                                Ensure windscreen is clean

Frequency:                         Daily

We then need to consider the escalation if any of these items are not satisfactory.  Can this be automated?"


My thinking was to create a Flow that would generate a recurring Planner task -  vehicle check - with sub-tasks for the fine detail, using one bucket per driver.

I got as far as creating a recurring task but not sure how to use Flow to generate sub-tasks, or how to monitor for review and possible escalation. Thinking that a SharePoint List might be needed to record and monitor task completion for the purpose of generating warning emails to the reviewer/manager. 

If anyone can shed light on a suitable process, I would be very grateful.

Kind regards


Conan McDonnell

Super User
Super User

@ConanMcDonnell :


You can use a Flow recurrence trigger and set it o run once a day.  Then, you can use Flow to create and assign Planner tasks on a daily basis.


Planner does not support sub tasks.  However, you could use a naming convention for the tasks so that they all appear to be grouped.  For example, each task could start with the date.


Let me know if you need an example.


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Hi Scott


Many thanks for getting back to me.

Is there  any way to access the checklist feature of Planner tasks via Flow?


Kind regards



Hi Conan - this question is pretty old, so I am assuming that by now you've found your answer, but it is totally possible to interact with checklists via power automate - check this article I recently consulted when I was looking into the same functionality

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