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Creating payment journals in Dynamics 365 for Operations

Hi All.


I am trying to "settle" an invoice in Dynamics 365 for Operations.  My flow creates a journal header and journal lines and I reference the AR Invoice in the line detail.  On screen the transaction looks perfect and posts, but will not apply the payment to the invoice balance.  i.e. invoice balance does not reduce and payment balance is -10.00.


If I open the line in the UI and cut the invoice #, and re-paste it back in, it works.  It appears there is code running on the form (maybe???) which is doing the "matching"  


Does anyone know if it is possible to trigger this from flow?




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Re: Creating payment journals in Dynamics 365 for Operations

Hi Ken,

Sorry I am not the most familiar with Dynamics, but I may be able help you figure it out.

The invoice and payment values sound like they are diferent objects, or atleast separate values in one object.

If it is the earlier you will see a linking ID between the two objects if it is the later you will see the two different values.

If there is a linking ID you’ll need to make your flow edit the second object otherwise make edit other value.

If you get the JSON output of each by checking your flow results you might see the other feild or object pretty quickly, feel free to send a screen shot of the output of your flow through.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Creating payment journals in Dynamics 365 for Operations

Hi Dion.


Thanks for your suggestion.  I tried creating a manual payment through the UI and then retrieved it through Flow.  I then compared the JSON from the manual entry with the Flow created entry.  They are the same.


Speaking with an AX (D365 Operations) guy, he is pretty sure there is code being executed by the form through the UI.  This will never execute when pushing through the entities via Flow.  I suspect I am out of luck.



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