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Date Error between SharePoint and Flow

Hi, I have created some flows, but there seems to be an error in the data that is being pulled out of SharePoint.


The general fow is "When an item is created in SharePoint' --> 'Send an Approval Email'...  however if you type '27th May' on the form in Sharepoint, when that information is pulled into the email created by Flow... the date becomes '26th May'.


The information is being pulled directly from SharePoint. The date is still correct in SharePoint.


This is happening for all of my forms.


Any ideas? assuming this is a bug?



Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin


I have the same problem as you. In my case, I am applying the following workaround:

adddays(<Sharepoint date&time column>, 1, 'yyyy-MM-dd')) 

Hope this helps


Hi guys,


I'm also having this problem and there doesnt seem to be much online about resolving it.


Efialtes, can you please explain where you're using this workaround?  Sorry, i'm not 100% sure where you've applied this code to get this work around happening?





Hi folks,


What locale/timezone is the SharePoint list under? In the case of 26 May vs 27 May, was it part of a time stamp whereas the it could have been one day in UTC and another in your local timezone?




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Hey Jade,


Thanks for your response.  Yes I think that is the problem, but i'm certain it's a bug, my profile settings and site settings for timezone are both set to +10 Australia.


It's wierd, when i fill in my form (Leave application) the calendar will show the correct date and the list shows the correct date once the item is added.  However when the flow is run and the email is sent, somehow, somewhere the UTC date is picked up and populated in the email.


I have found a work around though, i've selected Date and Time to be the format of the list column.  This is weird again.  Although i select, lets say, 4th Jan 2017 12AM to 4th Jan 2017 displays in the list as 12PM for both!  BUT when the email is generated for approval, this is what i receive in my date input Dates: "2017-01-05T01:00:00Z" to "2017-01-05T01:00:00Z".   As you can see, this is still set to 01:00Z which is UTC for our 12pm here (currently +11 with daylight savings).


Make sense?

Yes, it does. We currently have a plan to support local time zones in the near future but for now only do UTC natively. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Hi Jaden

When do you excpect to deliver the support for local time zones?

In the next 2-4 Weeks or later?


Hello, and thank you for your message!


Unfortunately, we do not currently have this on our radar for a release within 2-4 weeks.


As for other feature requests, may I suggest you use the ideas forum to post it as a suggestion ( ? With enough votes for a particular idea, that normally can help repriotize things on our release calendar.


Thanks again,


Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

I have added the solution as an flow idea here:


Upvote it for a faster implementation!

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Thanks Piagno,


Not really sure why it needs to be added as an idea.....would be common sense to support various timezones unless Flows was only designed to work for England 🙂


Lets hope this 'idea' goes somewhere one day.

I think you shouldn't focus too much on the word "idea". It's more for the dev's to see which features are most important to us. And which features(ideas) we would like to have.

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I have this problem with dates and I'm in England.


I'm not sure how you apply the work around to alter the dates?


Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Currently I have set the regional setting of the site (not site collection) to UTC -1
The time of "created by" and so on is displayed wrong. But the date of "date only" fields is displayed right. This is what is important for me.

Tested this morning and still failing. It seems this feature is planned, taking into acount most of us are including workarounds it will be great if Flow support team can report us as soon as this feature is finally implemented.



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Has there been any update on this issue? I have a similiar issue. My List has the date format 12-09-2019, but when my flow runs and creates an email the date reverts to 2019-09-12.

Hi All,


Sorry its been a while since i've been on here.  Whats the current config of your flow?   I ended up reverting mine to use the Convert Time Zone action thats now available.  This seems to work for me


Hi. Thanks for the tip. I am relatively new to SharePoint and Flows so if you could give me a further pointer

on where to add this in. My flow currently looks like this :

Work Flow.JPG


The dates circled in red are the ones I need the format corrected. I am not sure where to put the convert time zone action. I tried adding Convert Time Zone action (for the start and end date) above the email. See next picture. But my workflow stalled on the start an approval .

convert time zone.JPG


Dont know if these will help?  This is my layout


Flow and Send Email

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