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Date mismatch between flows

Dear Community, 


I have a weird issue.

I have created via PowerApps, Flow and Sharepoint list an Export permit system. 

There is a strange issue, but before i wrote that down a few words about the flow.

Flow: Submit a request from Powerapps to a Proxy sharepoint list via a simple Flow, then my main system pickup from the proxy list and start the approval flow.

My problem that i have a few users, if they submit a request for some reasons the date will be changed to yesterday.

How this looks:

Submit a Powerapps form ( i use this to formulate the date:  Text(Authorized_Date.SelectedDate,"[$-en-US]yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss"), then it will be written into a Sharepoint list (via a Proxy flow), the data looks like this:


Then my main Flow, pickups the list entry and starting the approval flow.

But in that case it shows already the previous day:

2021-02-03 (the is the date from the 'When item is created').

What is the most strange, that it is working fine for most of the users, but i have one (at least what i am aware of) who has issues almost constantly. (I have a test system, but there is no problem, however using the same methods.)


If i check the created/modified date it is -1 hour to my actual time, so i was thinking that maybe that is causing the issue, but it works for many users without any problems.

I was trying to use this format in the Proxy when creates items into the sharepoint list:



But i started to receive error likes this:

InvalidTemplate. Unable to process template language expressions in action 'Create_item' inputs at line '1' and column '2533': 'In function 'addminutes', the value provided for date time string '' was not valid. The datetime string must match ISO 8601 format.'.


Anybody has any ideas?

I actually consider this as a bug.


Thank you,



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @Janaboy ,

Most probably the problem came from TimeZoneConversion of each user. Can you try to put a "Z" on the back of your powerapps formula: 


This will let the system know that the time is in UTC timezone and don't need any conversion.


Hope it helps !


Hi @gabibalaban,



Not sure if it is helped, now looks like this the incoming data from Powerapps:



This is the original one:



But i will make this change in the live system as well.



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