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Delay in flow panel appearing

I have a SharePoint Online document library and, via JSON view formatting, I have added a 'Run flow' button which when clicked runs a Power Automate workflow.


The JSON includes the relevant 'customRowAction' and 'executeFlow' parts as expected.


Everything works fine, but the issue I have is that once the button is clicked, there is a delay of about five seconds before the Power Automate side panel appears. Now, for me that is OK as I know that I have to wait five or so seconds for the panel to appear but, for end users, I can imagine this will cause problems - the user may think nothing has happened and then do one or many of the following unsavoury things: a) click the button again, b) refresh the page, c) punch the keyboard, d) click click click all over the page, e) walk away and moan about SharePoint, Power Automate, Microsoft in general.


Now, unsavoury thing e) is actually the one that might do the most damage as negativity to this solution could kill it so I'm putting it out there to the Power Automate community (and perhaps it is better suited to the SharePoint Online community but I'll start here and see what happens) to a) see if anyone also experiences this delay, b) whether anyone knows of a way of speeding up the time between clicking the button and the flow panel appearing, c) if there is no way of speeding the appearance of the flow panel, if anyone can suggest a good workaround.


Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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Yes, it takes around 5 to 6 sec to open trigger flow interface. it is normal. Since SharePoint is connected to Azure Logic apps via connectors through http/s and then it is connected to Flow portal. there is no direct access of flow portal from SharePoint. And when you trigger a manual flow from flow portal it has direct access that is why it opens instantly. In this way one direction flow of data but when you call from SharePoint, its like round trip.


Hope someone can give you better insight.




Thanks for your reply @Hardesh15 - makes sense. Still, it's a pity and clearly something that impacts user experience in a negative way. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on a workaround? Even if there was a way to show a loading symbol whilst the Launch Flow Panel appears would be better than having those five seconds of "what's happening? Did I click it? Should I click again" user experiences.

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Hi @Joe_Fox ,


Do you have solution now? I am facing the same problem.




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