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Development / Test / Production environments for Flows and Lists

Here is my situation.


1. I have two Sharepoint Online sites. One is a development site, one is a production site.

2. I have a Flow that is running and is triggered anytime an Item is Created or Modified that is in a List I have created that is on the development site.


Question 1: Usually in any kind of development of any application, you can use basic repository commands. So for example, I could develop something in a folder Dev and when I am ready to have a test version I can branch that Dev folder to a new folder called Test. Is the only way for me to replicate an action like this using Microsoft Flows is to "Save As" my development flow as another flow? It just seems so hacky, because I have to go inside of my Flow and Edit each Source for each List in the Test List(s) and sometimes things aren't necesarrily 1-to-1, (maybe I have a different name for a View in my Test environment for example). Also, what if I have to add tons of new logic to my Flow, assume its a rather large Flow, then I have to repeat this process all over again. This process literally took me 6 hours (almost a whole work day) one time to change all of the Source Lists - all this just to migrate a development flow to a production environment?


Question 2: Following Question 1, how can I migrate a List that is in my development environment to my production environment without re-creating the whole list all over again?

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Development / Test / Production environments for Flows and Lists

Hi @Yusha,


I afraid that there is no any way to migrate a List that is in a environment to another environment without re-creating the whole list all over again.


Best regards,


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Re: Development / Test / Production environments for Flows and Lists

@v-yuazh-msft Ok, that answers Question 1, how about Question 2?

Re: Development / Test / Production environments for Flows and Lists

Indeed this is a huge issue. 

There should be an effective way to organise SDLC  for Flow-based solutions.

I did not find an answer for this yet, also interested in the topic. 

Thank you for raising these questions. 

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Re: Development / Test / Production environments for Flows and Lists

@Pavel_Sheludkov I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue. Isn't it strange that they didn't implement any kind of SDLC with Flow / Lists ?


I did see a solution that has a switch case and looks at the url that is coming in when the flow is active. So if its the development / test / production list that was triggered in the flow it will act accordingly on that dynamic url but the issue is do I really want all three copies of flows in one  flow? It's already buggy enough as it is with one flow, now I want to have 3 inside 1? It just violates so many rules for sperations of concerns. 


Let me know if you end up finding a solution as well!

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