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Did an update change my flow?

Hello, was there a recent update to flows? I have a flow that takes a number column on sharepoint that always displays 5 decimals, example 19.00189 it then composes to add .00001 and replace the number. As well as place that number in a single line column on sharepoint. The number column displays 5 decimals so that when a number rolls over to 19.00190 it displays as just that rather then 19.0019. this was working just fine and when my flow put that number in the single line column it would display exactly like the number column it is taking it from. But starting about 5 days ago it is now displaying as 19.0019 when the number column still displays 19.00190. I cannot figure out why this changed all of a sudden and connot find a solution for this.

Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Interesting that the behaviour here changed. It’s quite possible that an action received a code update that caused this. The Product Group would have to confirm this.

Can you post a picture of your Flow? Or the actions that compare the numbers and add to it?

I think that the engineering teams should be “maintaining contracts” with us when they make updates. This means that the shouldn’t change existing behaviour (as has happened here) that essentially constitutes a breaking change.



The Below gets the single item (the number column entry) for the ID counter list. Then takes that item and applies the compose and updates the ID counter with the new number. This still displays correctly.


The below updates the other list with then newly composed number. Now displaying incorrectly. I originaly had it updating using the dynamic text from the compose output, changed it to just use the Current id from ID counter list as it should work either way. Both way display incorrectly.

Working with decimal places can always be fiddly.

What about multiplying your number by 100,000 and then doing your manipulation and injecting a dot in the string? Then you should maintain the trailing zero.

I generate the number using a variety of different methods and the trailing number is always shown in the number column as its settings tell it to always have 5 decimals. So that doesnt seem to be an issue. I believe the issue occurs when the flow does the action to update the single line column (Tracker) using the dynamic content of the number column (ID Counter). Before when it did this is would copy the text exactly as it was displayed. It seems the flow is now removing the trailing zeros before writting it.

I understand what you are saying now and I dont see why this wouldn't suffice as a work around. Ill try it out and get back to you.


Edit: Actually multiplying the number wouldn't work nor is it needed. I can just have the number field maintain a whole number and interject the decimal once written to the single line column as you suggested.

So I was thinking that I could use the Replace function to replace only the third digit in the number, but then I relized that this is something I have been doing with the PowerApps functions not Flows. Is there a function I can use to achieve this?

So this is still an issue. My original design was simple and worked well. Attempting to do it the other way requires me to remove the comas from the whole number, which is fine. But then I am facing the issue that I am un-able to find a function that is capable of inserting a new character in the middle of my text so that I may have it display 19-00190 rather then 1900190. I just really wish there was an explanaintion as to why the trailing zeroes are being removed when updating a single line of text column. It did not do this before, and it was perfect.

I agree. The real issue here is that a contract was broken and a breaking change was introduced. This is not ok.

I’ll try to bring this to the product group and see if they can provide an answer.

Does anyone have any insight on this? It is stil an issue.

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