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Displaying error messages in body from API



I have created a custom connector for an API and I'm putting together a quick power app to prove it is working.  


The problem I am having is that if anything is wrong with the data sent to the API it returns a 400 error code and a custom error_code: string in the body explaining the problem. The data code be fine but maybe the account is closed, or expired or suspsended. the only time you get a 200 code is when the account you are looking at is open.


When I test the app nothing shows as it thinks the call fail due to the 400 error but when I give over the button I can see the failed message that has been returned. 


Is there a way to capture the body returned from the API call and display it regardless of the error code.






Community Champion
Community Champion

A 400 Error code from an API means that the request was malformed, or not following the request rules. Power Automate doesn't set these rules, the API you're calling does so the reporting capabilities are limited. It can only return what the API responds with.

If you could provide an expanded screenshot of your Flow and steps, your Flow run history, and of any detailed error messages you're receiving we could likely better assist you. Also, for the best results, you may want to review How to write a good forum post.

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