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Do I need to make a service account for company-wide flows?

I'm configuring approval flows for everyone in my company.

For the Sharepoint connections, should I use my account? Or make a service account and use that?

I don't think MFA is a problem, I can use Conditional Access to bypass this easily.


If I use a service account, does a person need to log in as this account every 14 days or something?


Also, has anyone tried using Conditional Access to block the service account from being logged into while allowing the Flow connections to work? When I block everything for the connection user, flow doesn't run anymore. When I disable the policy, it starts working. When I block everything except for Flow and Sharepoint, it still does not work. If I could get this to work, even if somebody got ID/password for this service account, they won't be able to do anything. They might login to Flow admin directly but I can lock this down using Trusted IPs for Flow connections.

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Re: Do I need to make a service account for company-wide flows?

If you use your account everything FLOW does will come from you. 

I created an O365 user for all my FLOWs, I had my Ad guys set it so the password does not expire.   I have many FLOWs that create Outlook calender events, and Planner tasks.  My calender was filling up so I had to find another solution which is this account. 


As far as logging in every 14 days, I am not aware of having to do that, but I do log in as the Account to change the owner of FLOW tasks, so I am not the one doing everything,  and when they decide to throw me outta here they can continue to use the FLOWs 🙂

Never thought about conditional access, I am the only one at this point that knows the password...


Hope this helps,


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Re: Do I need to make a service account for company-wide flows?

Are you saying you login to the Flow admin page frequently so you're not sure if it's true that tokens expires in 14 days?

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Re: Do I need to make a service account for company-wide flows?

Well, I log into a PC as the service account, and change the connections of all tasks in my FLOWs so they go from that account not mine. 


Not sure if thats the reason the tokens never expire on me. 

I wasn't aware of the expiration, so i guess ignorance is bliss in this case LOL



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