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Download multiple attachments from files already in inbox to onedrive

Hi, I am looking to get specific attachments from same email address to automatically download to onedrive.


Eg, each morning I get email with data from same address, this been happening for over a year, want to run a flow to find them and download all the attachments which are already in my outlook inbox, then I can use the normal flow triggered from new email arriving (This part works and new emails with attachments are being moved :).


Hope this is clear, thanks in advance

Super User
Super User


So, you wanna archive old emails attachments, right?

And, since you already got a flow running for new emails, you already have both:

-the criteria to identify such emails (email address in the FRom), and

-the criteria to identify which attachments to archive



Office 365 outlook? Outlook? Gmail?

Do you have such old emails classified in a specific Folder, so this folder stores the emails you need to archive only?

How many emails are we talking about?


If you are an Office 365 guy, your goal can be achieved by means of 'Get emails' action block then an Apply to Each to iterate through them. As @Pstork1 usually explains, "that particular action is hard coded to not retrieve any more than 25 emails at a time. But if you move the emails to another folder once you finish processing them then you could run the action again and get the next 25. Repeat until emails are all processed"

Please also not if you mark all of them as unread before executing your flow, you can mark them as read when finished processing current 25 emails, meaning you can grab the next 25 unread.


Give me some minutes to find an example, in the meantime can you please answer the questions above?

[EDIT] Found a good example based on Do Until action block so the limit of 25 emails is not a problem

-Move all your target emails to a dedicated folder, mark all of them unread

-Manually execute a flow

-Do Until, inside it: Get emails (unread) + Apply to each email [ Mark read + Apply to each Attachment [ Create file]]


 Do until execution stops when the nr of emails on 'Get emails' output is zero


Hope this helps

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