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Advocate I
Advocate I

Easiuest way to get calendar_id for the Office 365 Calendar connector

Hi Guys,

    I'm just starting to trial flow to trigger from some calendar events in an Office365 shared calendar.  


What is the easiest way to get the calendar ID of the shared calendar?


I think Microsoft changed their layout with flow a tiny bit from my above instructions.  I wish I could paste a screen shot here as it would make it easier to show.  On the screen where your flow(s) is listed, click on the flow you want to use.  It will open up and in the upper right side there is a connections box.  That should show the resource calendar connection you are using with that flow.  If it shows something else such as your own calendar, click edit right above this connections box. You will now be inside editting your flow.  The top step "When an upcoming event is starting soon" click on the 3 little dots just to the right.  It will open up a menu with all the listed connections you have set up. Select the connection (resource calendar email) you want to use for this flow.  If the connection is not there, at the bottom there is an add connection option.  Select that and setup your connection.


Your resouces will need passwords set, at least they did when I did it.  If you have not set the passwords of your resources to a known value, you will need to do that in the user admin area.  I hope this helps and makes sense without a screen shot or two.

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Thanks!   I think I have followed your description, but still it does not axepct the calender user, even if I have a password. I enter the calendar user and the system changes it automaticly to my own user. I'm not asked for a password.

Are you an Office 365 user or full admin? If you are an O365 subscriber and an admin, I would open a ticket with support through your O365 admin portal and ask them why you can't get a connector to another calendar to work.  Also this has to be a shared calendar and you have to have access/permissions to these calendars.  If you are using and admin account that shouldn't be a problem, but check to make sure the account you are using has read access to these calendars. Without seeing what you are doing it's kind or hard to diagnose.  Microsoft can do a screen share with you to help you.  They did that with me when I was having problems after my flows just stopped working one day.  I ended up needing to reselect the calendar in every flow as some change Microsoft did invalidated the unique calendar id the flows were using under the hood.

Thanks for your solution 🙂

Advocate II
Advocate II

Has anyone been able to successfully get the trigger on outlook 365 - when an event is added, updated or deleted to work with a shared calendar (resource calendar). I am able to set the password for the shared calendar and able to add it to the trigger listed above.


When testing, I create a calendar entry in the shared calendar (outlook), run the test in FLOW, and it never triggers. Ive tried trigger version and same issue. Trigger never fires. Anyone have any ideas?


New Member

I have a roundabout way to somewhat solve this issue.  It won't directly show you the calendar ID, but it will allow it to show up in the drop down list when choosing which calendar you want to work with on the flow.
This is for a group/team calendar, which I am a member of.
In Outlook, I right-click the calendar I am working with, and choose share.  Whole Calendar - Full Details. Send.
In the received email, and clicked the tiny "Open this Calendar" option at the top.
Click open as New - and it will be added to your personal calendars in Outlook.

Go back to your flow and edit. When you open the trigger (event, meeting, etc. ) the newly added calendar will show up now in the drop down list.

New Member

I found it a lot easier to use graph explorer

If you run the query as below as a GET it returns information including the calendar ID for that user

More info here:

New Member

I think I found something .Try to use MICROSOFT Graph permets to get any API of Microsoft applications.
P.S modify permissions in Graph Explorer before use.
Good luck.

🔝Your the best. I had no permission to use Graph or Powershell and your trick worked!

Grazy! This works 🙂 happy

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