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Advocate I

Easiuest way to get calendar_id for the Office 365 Calendar connector

Hi Guys,

    I'm just starting to trial flow to trigger from some calendar events in an Office365 shared calendar.  


What is the easiest way to get the calendar ID of the shared calendar?


Accepted Solutions

Here are the detailed instructions I promised. I had screen shots for some steps, but couldn't paste them with this forum layout, so hopefully the words are adequate.


Instructions for creating a Flow for notification of upcoming event on a resource calendar.  (this assumes you have an o365 account that includes Flow)

  1. Login to O365 portal
  2. Click on the waffle icon at top left and select Flow (may need to click see all apps)
  3. Select My Flows at the top if you aren’t already there.
  4. Select create from blank or create from template on the top bar.(my example I’m choosing create from blank)
  5. Create from blank opens a new window, just choose create from blank button on this screen
  6. It will prompt for a tigger/connector, choose Office 365 Outlook icon, scroll down the resulting list and select "When an upcoming event is starting soon"
  7. Click on the three dots in the top left of the blue bar on the first flow step
  8. If you are creating a notice based on your own calendar select your email address in the resulting menu under "My Connections". If this is for a resource or other calendar you will need to add a new connection if not listed.
    1. Click add new connection
    2. Supply the email address of the resource calendar and enter the password.
      1. A password will need to be created for the resource. By default resources either don't have a password or it isn't known when it is initially setup. Go to the users section in O365 admin to add the password.
      2. Enter in a password and uncheck the box for having the person needing to change it upon login.
  9. After the connection is chosen, select "Calendar" from the drop down box in this first step
  10. If you wish to change from the default look ahead of 15 minutes, click on "Show advanced options" link and add in your value in minutes.
  11. Click Next Step, then add action
  12. Pick the Office 365 Outlook connector as we are going to send an email, then scroll down and pick "Send an Email" option
  13. Fill in the fields and click Save.
  14. You have now completed the flow and you can test it by adding a calendar item to the resource calendar you used above for the connector. Remember to set the event out further than the look ahead time you set.
  15. Check your email box for the email once the look ahead time has passed. If you don't get an email check the Run History for the Flow to see any error messages. If it runs it should show "Succeeded" with a green check.

Please feel to share, add to or improve these instructions.  - Dave -

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Power Automate
Power Automate

You should be able to use the dropdown to select the calendar.


Thanks for the reply.

     I'm not wanting to select the default calendar but a shared calendar the account has rights to access.  As far as I can see using the calendar ID should accumplish this as it's accessible via the API but just need an easy way to find the calendar ID to use.

I am looking for the same thing. Have you found an answer to your question?

New Member

Any update on this. Would like to be able to setup flows that copy newly created events from one office 365 group calendar to a another shared calendar. 

Not applicable

Also looking for this calendar ID retrieval. Any help much appreciated

Hi All,

     I never did get this working so changed to solution to use a different technology.  Would love to have it entirely inside the MS platform if anyone does figure this out.


Power Automate
Power Automate

Seems like there isn't an "easy" way to do this. 


But, using with Oauth will get you the information about all of your calendars.

Regular Visitor

Also looking for the same thing.

Still looking for this as well--as far as I can tell, that API call URL only returns the user's default calendar (and ID), not any shared or public calendars they have permissions to. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as I too would love to be able to copy events from one public calendar to another. 



I've tried to get the Calendar ID using this command in Powershell,

Get-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Meeting Room 1" | FL 

It returns the below about IDs, but none of these are what's needed for FLOW as I tried them and they error.  But I'm thinking there has to be a command to pull the ID from a given calendar in your own 0365 domain. The runspaceid changes every session you run, so I know it can't be that.  The above command pulls a whole list of information in addition to what I put below, but no Mailbox ID.  So still looking for the Calendar ID as everyone else here. Add my name to the list. 


RunspaceId                          : faccc619-787e-4fa0-85a0-df2b172a12e2
MailboxOwnerId                      : Meeting Room 1
Identity                            : Meeting Room 1

Regular Visitor

Still nothing new on how to get a group/shared calendar ID ?
Seems such a basic function though...

I'm looking for a way to send reminders/notifications to our Slack.
But like everybody else I'm stuck with the impossibility to select something else than my own default calendar.
Pretty frustrating.

Hope we'll see a solution soon.
It's a breeze to configure with the Google Calendar card/template.
It almost feels like Microsoft is pushing us to use Google services instead of its own...

Not applicable

Trying to do the same thing here, add an event from Flow to a shared SP Online calendar, not individual user calendar. Anyone figure this out?

Advocate I
Advocate I

Still looking for any answer in obtaining a Calendar ID for using in Flow.  I'm specifically trying to use the Flow template that allows me to send an email after a particular event is starting soon.  My use case here is to access our resources calendar for people that have reserved a spare computer for an event.  I want to be notified ahead of time to prep and check the computer for them. Every calendar ID I try for this with this template fails. This has to be a common use for something like this and puzzled why the calendar ID isn't easily findable.

New Member

I'm having the same issue as the others in this thread. Where is the support for accessing shared calendars (including retrieving a list of calendars we have access to, not just ones we own)? There's even a permission setting in the Graph Explorer for "Calendars.Read.Shared". And yet, we can't.

Not applicable

Just throwing my name in the hat for this...



Actually, what I really need is the Group Calendar created by Teams...  I need to get things onto that calendar efficienty.  

I can add events to a SP calendar (its just a list) you have to specify the site, and then manually enter the listname (it doesn't show up in the list picker) of the Sharepoint create item action. 

Dates are in local site region format but times are UTC. So you may need to adjust the time you set your event to (I use an excel file to upload a list of events).


I'm still trying to work out how to set an event "category".


In the modern site pages the new "events web part" also has some nifty fields for online meeting links I can't get to work.

Not applicable

I would love the answer to this also....

This is a serious show stopper please someone in microsoft move this to the top of the stack

Advocate I
Advocate I

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