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Email Arrives Webhook Issues



I am having a big issue with a flow i am working on,


basically, the email i want to be monitered gets linked appropriately as seen below



but when i try to relink it to my inbox to moniter for the reply of this email, my flow gets bypassed by any email that comes to my inbox



As you can see this mail is completely different from the other mail,


what is the issue here?


Thanks is advance!

Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: Email Arrives Webhook Issues

Hi ,


I noticed that To in the output of When a new email arrives (webhook) 2 is not consistent with the From in the previous Trigger. Is this your issue? 

I think this result is  normal, but obviously not what you expected, I am curious how you ensure that the reply mail is the conversation in your first trigger. 

The second trigger is triggered when any email is received, and will not just wait for the reply of the specified message in the first trigger. 

In addition, I noticed that your previous post mentioned that you want to monitor whether the email is replied on time. I don't think this can fulfill your needs. 

Even if  set up two triggers, I think this is a violation of the design specification, and obviously does not achieve the desired results. 

You could think differently about the problem. Since it is an email, we can focus on the reply time and the recipient. 

Filter all received emails, use From, Received Time, subject (generally one more RE: ) to see if you receive such emails. The high probability of such emails is the reply emails.

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Re: Email Arrives Webhook Issues

Hey @tfhegdbn,


Thank you for the detailed reply


Yes i understand this might not be sufficent for the follow up post i put. However, i noted, that the mechanism of the follow up was only failing because of this one reason. I put a webhook, it doesnt ask for anything such as the dynamic expression "To", it just asks for the folder to moniter. can you help me in understanding if we can add some specifics to it? like when i put the flow of "when an email is flagged", that works with webhook, it says that the webhooked email should be flagged or the flow wont work.


If there was anyway of understanding to moniter flagged emails, because there is a flow for high importance, but there isnt for flagged, thats what confuses me.

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