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Email notification sends regardless of condition parameters.

Desired result is to have a form conditional response which emails in the event of a non-desired answer. (COVID-19 contact tracing) 


The issue:  It is sending an email for every entry, not just when the subjects input the conditioned response.  Please see below:

New Member

I think issue is in the logic, the way you designed is- conditions are in parallel. which is sending email all the time.


Not sure what your business loigc is, however If logic is pure a conditional like yes then send email type 1. and If No with specific value equals then send email type 2 in that case flow should be design like below.



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hello Team,


The flow is working as expected because you have 2 set of conditions and both are evaluating to True.


Case 1 - Temp check is equal something.... which evaluates to True


Case 2 - Reporting is equal to something... which also evaluates to True



I would recommend creating a Single Choice type Question that has 2 choices like the one below-


Question in the form - Do you have symptoms and want to report it ?

Choices for above question -

Choice 1 - Yes I have symptoms and want to report

Choice 2 - No I do not have symptoms and do not want to report.


Then run a logic on this and for Choice 1 i.e YES part of logic send an email with response and for choice 2 i.e NO part of logic send an email with response.


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