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Email to Planner Power Automate flow creating duplicate entries despite only running on one device

I have created a flow to trigger when two words are added to an email subject line, which then creates a task in a central Planner used by a department.  It has been running for a year with no issues and now it has started to duplicate entries.  The second dup occurs several minutes after the first entry has been added. 


The flow sits on my device and is not duplicated on any other device.  Is there any way I can check at the back end to see what is causing the duplication?

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Super User

Is this a cloud or Power AUtomate Desktop?

It is a cloud flow

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Super User

Look at the run history if there are two runs open each and look at the trigger information. If there is only one run post some screen shots, you likely have something causing a loop action

only one run showing on the history (first place i checked).  screenshot below with email address removed for confidentiality.  I've copied this flow a number of times for other departments (diff email addresses and diff planners) and not getting dups on those.

Appreciate you looking thank you 





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If you are not seeing runs that match closely to the task creation, I can't see anything in tour screenshots above that would cause a duplication. Try changing your subject trigger words and see if it still happens. I use the site below frequently for searching the body of flows (I think you can do it as a free trial). This just uses the power automate APIs, so if you can find the right APIs you could try replicating the search function yourself. Only thing I can think of is there's a second copy of this flow or a misconfigured one. If changing the key words doesn't work and searching doesn't yield anything either I'm at a loss.



thank you 

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