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Email with attachment not sending when there isn't not an attachment

I have created a Form that has an upload question and it may or may not be filled out. The part of the flow that I am having issues with is I am trying to send an email with the upload question as an attachment. The email is only sending when there is an attachment, I want it to send even if there isn't an attachment. I am using the OneDrive "list files in folder", 'get file content' and 'create file content' connectors to add the attachment. 

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Dual Super User


I guess because the email sending step is inside the apply to each for the attachments.

So I would check first if attachments exist or not, if exists then send email with attachments otherwise send normal email.



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@Mira_Ghaly Is there a way to attach the email from OneDrive outside of the 'Apply to each'? I can't directly specify the name of the file because its going to be different depending on what the attachment is from the Form.

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