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Embed Image URL in Send an email (v2) not working

Good day community,

I'm trying to embed an image URL into an email message via the "Send an email (v2)" option in Power Automate (flow)

The image url seems to load correctly, however no image is displayed in the mail body

below is the code i used (variable to store the image)



 <img src=" @{variables('IMAGEURL')} "   alt="VISITOR IMAGE" width="300" height="300" >

<strong> Reception </strong> <br>



Can someone please help 😃

NOTE: The image URL is huge, captured via the PowerApps camera function.

I wasn't able to add the html link due to it's length but if needed I could send it as a notepad attachment but it looks like this:



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

how does the HTML of the email end up int he client?


Keep in mind most clients hide embedded images until allowed.

Hi @Gristy ,

Thanks for responding

Basically it appears as blank, as if the html was never called

I tried the code on an online editor and the image appeared successfully

I'm interested in your latter statement, "Keep in mind most clients hide embedded images until allowed."

Is this true for outlook by default, what can i do to test it?

Thanks again



email sample.png

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Normally yes but a bar appears to show the image which it has not in your case

If this email is just for internal recipients maybe save it the file to a public document library and insert the url instead of the binary

Hi @Gristy ,

Thanks for responding back. Unfortunately this will not work for me since I am taking a picture of a visitor in Power Apps, and saving it as a URL in SharePoint. Is there no way at all to display an image URL in that format in an outlook message?

I would assume the alternative is to have a flow save my image in a SharePoint document library, and then lookup that image when sending the email? I just worry that it would be a lot of work and beyond my experience which would result in days spent to accomplish this simple functionality. Any guidance would be truly appreciated

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar



That is what i am wonderigng if you can try it.


1) add create item (SharePoint)

2) give it a name maybe use a expression for uniqueness (unless you have other variables) soemthing like concat(utcNow(),'.jpg')

3) pass your variable into the file content box

4) you now know the URL and can insert it into the email.

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