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Entering data into last row in table (Excel Update Row)

updatinHi there.


I have a flow that enters data into an excel table.

I have actions to insert data into a new row, but now I need to be able to add data into the last row.


I have tried using the 'List rows present in a table' operation, but am unsure how the 'Key Value' field in the UPDATE ROW works.

I have tried last(body('List_rows_present_in_a_table')?['body/value']) but this doesn't seem to work.


Hope you can help

Solution Sage
Solution Sage



The excel "Update a row" action asks for a Key Column, Key Value to be defined for the update to happen.

The Key Column is the name of the column on which you want the update to happen and the Key Value is the value that is residing in the column.


Suppose I have a column called "Column1"



If I want to update the last value present in the column "Column1" then in the keyvalue I have to provide the below expression




This will help the system understand the current value and will update it with the new value that will be shared


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Thanks for your help


That didn't seem to work.

I changed one of the column headings to 'Column1' and pasted the expression into the field as shown below.
Please see the errors.


The excel table:


My flow



 The error result


 The output in 'List rows present in table'




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