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Error Export a PDF version of a Power BI Report using Power Automate ( Report requested for export is not on dedicated capacity )

Hi Every one,

I need to Export a PDF version of a Power BI Report that I have, once the data is updated in the dataset of that PBI report, and once Power automate export that PDF file it send it to my clients.

What I did is a flow, refresh the dataset then using an action ( Export To File for Power BI Reports ) to export the updated PBI report as PDF and then an action (send an email) with the attachment of the PDF exported.

BUT the flow keep failing and giving me the following error ( Report requested for export is not on dedicated capacity ), P.S. I have a PBI pro license.

How can I resolve this an make the Power Automate Action ( Export To File for Power BI Reports ) work ?

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous the reference to dedicated capacity indicates that you need a Premium add-on to the Power BI license.  The report needs to be in a workspace with Premium capacity turned on.  There is a per user Premium license but I don't believe that the ability to use the Export to PDF from a Flow is included with that license.



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Dear @ScottShearer ,


Thanks for your response, but I would love to know if it will be possible if I got Premium per user account since I can't afford the Premium capacity.


This post may answer your questions.


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Hello @Anonymous 

I can confirm you that it does not work with a Premium Per User account. I have one and I still get the same error message as you, because with a PPU you cannot create a workspace with a dedicated capacity.


finally, It means that Power Automate and Power Bi ares unsuable even with a PPU.

The only advantage I see of having a PPU,  is the possiblity tu use paginated reports.

But it's really a pitty that, with a PPU, Power Automate cannot be used.



Hi @JeromeMazet 

Do you have any resources on using paginated reports with PPU without Premium Capacity? 
I am a new user and was hopping to used PPU for automated emails through Power Automate. But that doesn't work, I have learnt...

Kind regards,


Hello @LiziM 

I have just started to do some tests with paginated reports because I have the PPU only for one week.

But it works.

What i did with Power Automate is :

  • Export a paginated report avery hour to a local folder as PDF
  • Then, send this PDF via email as attachment 

Here is a screen shot of the flow :



And it works fine :-).

What you can do as starter is to use already created models. There are many and are easy to understand.


Best Regards, 


Hey Jerome,


This answer was really helpful. But I was not able to apply any filter to the Paginated report before exporting it. Can you help me with that? I want to export a PowerBI report applying some filters to it.




Hello @Manish18 

Happy to read that my post has been helpful 🙂

In your post I think you're talking about a "paginated report" because with PPU licence you can only export paginated reports, not PowerBi reports.


So, I did the following test for you :

1- I Have a paginated report with 3 parameters:

  • Date_Debut (Starting Date)
  • Date_Fin (Ending Date)
  • Manager_Code

By default, the first two parameters are set automatically by the SQL query used by the report, and the third has to be manually chosen by the user when the report is manually executed. Its available values are taken from a separated query (Liste_Code_Gestionnaire)


Then in Power Automate I have created a flow that uses this report and set its parameters as :

  • Date_Debut : Set to 06/15/2022
  • Date_Fin : Not set, the value used will be the one calculated by the SQL query
  • Code_Gestionnaire : Set to 0093

The goal of this flow is to generate a PDF and then send it by email.

The setting of the parameters has to be done in the "Parameters"  area In Power Automate (bottom of the box)



The result is perfect :-).

The PDF file has been generated with the parameters as they are defined in Power Automate.

All the cases have been tested with thie report :

  • Date_Debut : The value is originaly calculted by the SQL query but, in this case hase been set to 15/06/2022
  • Date_Fin : The value used it the one calculated by the SQL query
  • Code_Gestionnaire : Available values retreived from a separate query but set to 0093

I hope this post will help you 🙂

Best Regards, 






Bonjour Jérôme, j'essaye en vain d'appliquer votre procédure. Comment faites-vous pour enregistrer le rapport paginé dans l'espace de travail ? D'autres documentations parlent que l'espace de travail doit avoir une capacité Prémium pour accepter les enregistrements de rapports paginés 😞  merci pour votre retour.

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