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Error Message in Flow: AzureResourceManagerServerError

Hi Everyone, 



I just started receiving this error about an hour ago.


"AzureResourceManagerServerError. Encountered internal server error from Azure Resource Manager. The tracking Id is '8b54fba1-92be-4365-b67e-48875587be06'."


It's not connecting to any SharePoint connector. Is any else having the same issues? How should I go about fixing this? 


Thank You. 


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The Flows Support page has been updated with some minor details:

View solution in original post

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Yes, I'm also having this problem.  None of my flows are working and I can't get in to edit them because I just keep getting that error. Seems particularly bad when opening pages to do with Connections.


The support page shows that they had some connection issues yesterday (Dec 11); perhaps we're seeing a continuation of that?


Experiencing the same error...

It could be and, if so, it's definitely not resovled. 


I also tried creating a new flow and it's throwing the "It looks like something went wrong" message every time. 

Looks like I'm back up running now, not receiving the error saving a flow.


EDIT - Nevermind, still getting the error on saving.

I am also experiencing the same issues everyone else is!

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I am also getting lots of random errors. Among them are " Encountered internal server error. " and the message in this thread title.



glad to see I'm not alone

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It seem like an issue on Microsoft's end. Any staff on board to give an update or ETA?

in a seperate tab (so not to loose my flow edits) I can also see that we have zero connections available.

It ironic the MS Flow conference is going on today and the platform is experiencing major issues! 

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Advocate I


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Advocate I

Oh no I am getting this error too and its a blocker. Is there any upadte. 


All flow is failing now 😞 

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I'm also experiencing the same error: 

"Encountered internal server error. The tracking Id is 'xxxxx'."

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Kudo Kingpin

I'm glad to know it's not just me. I was working on a new Flow to cycle through a SharePoint list and thought I'd broken the service with a never-ending loop.

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Advocate I

Also experiencing this.

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Advocate III

Not sure if it's coincidence and it's back up and running, or if we figured it out, but we had to reauthenticate our account that was being used for the Flows and everything is working again. 

@kayleegoose wrote:

Not sure if it's coincidence and it's back up and running, or if we figured it out, but we had to reauthenticate our account that was being used for the Flows and everything is working again. 

Can you advise on how to do this? All my connections still show "connected".

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Same here!  I seem to be back up and running now!


When I logged back in, I got a different pop-up than before, asking me to fix one of my connections.  This time, UNLIKE all the time before that I tried this, it seemed to reconnect right away and I'm now able to edit, save and run my Flows!  If anything goes sideways for me again, I'll update this post.

We were finally able to see the connections by going to Data > Connections, then click Details on the ones that weren't working and updated them. Hope this helps and you're back up and running soon

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