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Error responding to Flow Approval in Outlook



I have an Approval Flow with an issue.  When the approver receives the email notification of the Approval Request, when they try to approve the request from within the email in Outlook or Outlook Mobile on iOS, they get a message that says "An error occurred. Try again later."  This is on a Flow that has been working flawlessly prior to this week.


If they go into Flow and approve the request there, it works.  The error message doesn't really give much to go on, and there are no errors logged on the Flow side of things.  Does anyone have any ideas on where to start with this?

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Yes, same here

Advocate II
Advocate II

We are also getting this error with Version 1906, for a couple of days now. 


It works from the OWA and from the Flows page but not from the Outlook client. 


Any hints?

Same problem here.

Microsoft confirmed there is a problem but provided no other useful info.  We took an inventory of our Executive's versions of Outlook and it appears to have hit those on V 1906.  I had turned off our flow jobs and we implemented an manual workaround.  However, after reading about the web Outlook version we tried this with an executive who couldn't approve an email and it worked.  It will be painful to visit out executives and train them with this option, but it's probably better than our manual workaround.  After last December's Outlook issue with links not working I'm not sure we will have management's support to continue development of Flow jobs in SharePoint.  This was a significant step back for us.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I opened a ticket with Microsoft and they confirmed that this is a product error that was introduced with 1906. 


They also gave us reassurances that this will be fixed until the 20th of July. 


There are a couple of workarounds: 


- in outlook - click on show original message and then press on approve / reject there (this will redirect you to the approval page in the browser)

- use webmail where it seems to work 


Lets see what happens - keeping fingeres crossed. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hope this issue will be fixed soon.

This impact quite alots to our system at the moment ...

Advocate I
Advocate I

Same problem happened to my customer. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Another finding which can replicate the problem.
When using Outlook desktop version 1906, login as another account, do approve in the approval email, error message shown "Error ocurred. Please try again later."

While using the same Outlook desktop application, login as myself, do approve in the approval email, the result is success.

Well, mandy2018's posting doesn't make me smile.  I couldn't figure out the pattern either.  I would add though that for a given user on the same Outlook version, every single approval email fails.  Don't know what's really behind this.  We managed to freeze a few approvers at 1905 or earlier, and they're doing fine.

I think that this probably is an Outlook client issue, since a similar issue is happening with Sharepoint access request approvals.

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I realize that after I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 the inablity to approve/reject in the outlook desktop version began.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Fix date is coming I guess, waiting for it... We do not have any chance to downgrade management computers, our project deadline over and waiting for the solution day. Let's hope...

They actually pushed out the fix date.


"I’m writing to update you with the latest information regarding the fix deployment.


Fix was expected to deploy by 20th July however, there has been a change in deployment and should be in Production after 29th July."

Advocate I
Advocate I

This delay our process implementation quite alot, our Management team is going to be out of patient.

And does anybody know why this issue is marked as solved anyway?

Someone from Microsoft marked the post saying a fix was coming as the solution.  🤣


I didn't realize I could unmark the post, I've done that now, because, yeah, solutions usually mean the problem is solved. 

What post or forum are yall getting these updates from? I'm looking all over the Flow community for some OP regarding this... I need a link to where Microsoft is disseminating this information... I have a business critical solution impacted by this issue and my stakeholders were expecting an answer today.

I opened a ticket on this issue some time back.  On 7/4 I received an email saying the solution would be deployed by the 3rd week of July, from the 15th to the 20th.  I have not heard anything since, and those dates have passed.  We have a sophisticated series of flows in place to approve big projects by sr. management, but with this second Outlook bug disrupting approvals I'm not sure we'll be allowed to develop future flow jobs.  This greatly hurt our credibility.

MichaelH is your ticket still open and are you receiving updates from Microsoft? If so, do you think I could exchange contact information with you and remain updated through you? I'm also in a similar situation as you.

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I am still expereicing the same issue. I was hoping MS would have resolved this issue by now......


What was the first bug?

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