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Error when copying SharePoint list item with multilple column choice

I have a problem taht I d jost can´t find the right solution for. I have a SharePoint list where I have to copy data from one list to another list (kind of a backup). One of the columns is a mulitple choice column, and this is where it gets tricky for me. I have read several articels and seen more than one video, but I still get errors on that field. The closest I came to a solution was an articel from Wonder Laura and I can easeliy get it to behave right as long as it is only one item, but as soon as I get it into a For each loop it goes wrong. My flow looks like this:


I am starting by initializin a variable with thw type Array



The I make an Apply to each and create an Append to array where I put in the multiple column (it is named "kl-editorer"). The value I am using in the Apply to each is @{outputs('Get_items')?['body/value']}


The I create an item, and use the variable in the multiple field as shown below.


The runs fine, but the result!!!! The field "KI-editorer" looks not very well 🤔



I am aware of that I might have done something wrong ewith the apply to each, but I can´t find out what. I have tried several different methods, but it always ends up in errors or like you see her. Can anyone of you give me a hint of what I am doing wrong?






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Hi again @Mister_Shaik I did manage to get i fix for it. I ended up using a Select action and data is copyed as intended.


Skærmbillede 2022-01-31 121313.jpg


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Solution Sage

Hi @venseben ,


If you're just copying the multi choice value to create a new item, then you can directly use the output from get item inside the create item


1. multi choice.png 

Kind Regards,

Shaik Sha

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Hi @Mister_Shaik and thx for taking time to answer, but I do no get it to work. If I do what you have done I get the error 

The 'inputs.parameters' of workflow operation 'Create_item' of type 'OpenApiConnection' is not valid. Error details: The API operation does not allow writing a value for parameter 

I have created the flow just as you, tak a look here:


 If I make it different I get an apply to each, and that is not helping because it then gives me a item for each choice in the field. All I want is to copy the data from the mulitple choice field in list A to a multiple choice filed in list B, but it still gives me troubles.




Hi again @Mister_Shaik I did manage to get i fix for it. I ended up using a Select action and data is copyed as intended.


Skærmbillede 2022-01-31 121313.jpg


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