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Excel Cell Formula grading not working

Hello everyone. I can't seem to figure out how to configure the following formula to calculate correctly:


=SUM(IF(D2="Yes", "10", "0"))+(IF(E2="Yes", "10", "0"))+(IF(G2="Immediately", "10", "0"))+(IF(H2="Yes", "10", "0"))+(IF(I2="No", "10", "0"))+(IF(J2="Quarter", "10", "0"))+(IF(K2="All workers", "10", "0"))+(IF(F2="Hard Hat AND Safety Glasses AND High Visibility Outer Layer AND Full Length Pants AND Shirt with at least a 4 inch sleeve AND Sturdy Leather Work Boots", "10", "0"))


I'm setting up a Power Automate flow to grade tests and print out certificates. One of the questions has multiple answers (F2), but it doesn't calculate that block. The formula without F2 works great! What am I missing? When I look at the Excel block with data, this is what it shows in the block:


["Hard Hat","Safety Glasses","High Visibility Outer Layer","Full Length Pants","Sturdy Leather Work Boots","Shirt with at least a 4 inch sleeve"]


Please help me configure this. Thank you!!!


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