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Expression assistance

I am using forms and powerautomate to create a CSV for me, that is emailed over to the IT dept then we use that to make accounts.

One of the form drop downs is location, when they choose that, I would like an expression that can populate the whole of the address for our company, either site a or b.

So, if they choose Vancouver as the location, I would like it to write our full postal address etc, if they choose Victoria, I would like to write the full postal address for that office.

How can I go about doing this please?

Thanks in advance.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Tim-Holmes73 ,


Here are a few options:


1) If you have the mapping between location and the address in a SharePoint list, Excel or SQL table, your flow can query the data source and pass in the location as a filter.  


2) Pass the location to a switch statement and update a variable with the address.  This will be hardcoded though and cumbersome for large amount of locations.


Not sure if an expression would mke sense as it can get complex very quickly with more than a couple locations.  It will also be a pain if you need to add/remove locations in the future.


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Hi Eric

I believe the second option would be the best, we have 2 locations and that is it.

Could you give some guidance or an information resource please so I can have a look.

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