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Expression: if true type certain value


Hello All

As you can see from the image, we are using true and false values for the fields typed on the left. This format is not liked by the management. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to use an expression for example, If pay change value is true just type "Pay Change" not "True" or "False".  Thank you



Super User
Super User

Hi, @thejdofva , where is that information coming from / kept?


If it's a SharePoint list, then I recommend just using a helper calculated column for each field and use an if condition in the code to display something more meaningful.


Then just give the management (each of them if they like!) a separate view of the list, or a (separate?) SharePoint page with a view of the information containing that data.


If it's a Power Apps screen, again, you're probably better off just writing the condition for the field in question.


But, yeah, we might need to know a little more about where those values are ... because management certainly don't need to be bothered about booleans in a flow. 😉


Sorry, should have mentioned it in my post.... The information is stored in sharepoint list but the image is from the flow email and that is where I would like to avoid boleans. Thank you

OK, so just use logic to construct an email with different values, no problems. Or even something more sentence like. Go wild. 👍


Create a string variable, and condition, for each of the booleans to set it to whatever you like.


If promotionBooleanVAR is False then promotionStringVAR is "Promoted"


Then make the email with the email notification or outlook (or whatever), and fill the answers with the variables.


Jenny is promoted.


OK, I might not have a clue what the context is, but I think you get my drift, eh?


Play around with the conditions and the text ... here's what I just knocked up ... don't dig too deep a rabbit hole for yourself ... but have fun. 🙂


silly stuff 2.jpg


silly stuff.jpg



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