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Extract text from html via url

I am wanting to get weather data from this site:  {"source":"la-draft-clipboard","value":[{"tokenKey":"C7A5EEF3-4770-4EEA-A9AE-F4779E39CBDE","type":"literal","tokenExpression":""}]} Ideally the date portion (/KMEM/2019/9/9/Monthly) would default to today's date. 


But what I have really struggled with is pulling a portion of the html text from this url, so that I only retreive the desired table. 

The table I need is under header2 and is the last table on the page 


Any and all help is greatly appreciated, I have been at this for quite some time

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I am just wanting to get the last table found in the url link posted above added to the end of a pdf. Anyway that I pull that piece of code out into text, word doc, pdf, whatever? 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @britagrace


I am afraid there is no direct action that could extract text from HTML.

Could you please share your Flow configuration? Could you share your output of the Http request?

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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I am unsure how to share my flow. 


I am using HTTP - post - then entering the URL 

here I can add headers, queries, and body - (I am thinking this is where I should pull the section of text) 


then it moves to initialize variable - here is another option I believe 


then moves to convert html to pdf, etc, etc 


Hi there.  I did something similar a while back.  Are you looking to just get the aviation METAR's for that airport? Or was there some other specific thing you were looking for?  Reason I ask is there might be another way to approach it.


If you want to use HTTP, I think you'll want to try GET to grab information.  POST is usually for sending stuff.  You can pass parameters with GET.  We can mess with it once I have a better idea what you're after.





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Thank you so much Ed! I greatly appreciate your help. 


I am trying to acquire the weather oberservations for the entire month to date - really only need precipitation- from the Memphis International Airport rain gage data. Wanting to tack this table on the end of a SWPPP Pdf report 


Thanks again!!!


Ok, awesome!  So, depending on your comfort level, there might be an 'easier' way.  In quotes because it may seem scary for a non-coder (not sure where you are on that spectrum), but will require much less clean-up after bringing the data in.  Anytime you are looking for bulk data, try looking for an API from a site you trust that may have the info you need.

Another thing to consider is if this is going to be a regular occurrence or a one-time thing.  If it's a one-shot deal, then an import vs. Flow might be a more prudent path.


A search for "Precipitation data API" found a bunch of sources, but I think I like the NOAA best because of the data availability.


Take a look at this article to get started on API's and custom connectors.  The example I used was for Yelp, but there is a standard for exchanging the information which makes it applicable to most other sites, as well.  The exciting part is once you've got the basics worked out, a bunch of information becomes available and you can 'level-up' your automation.


Keep at it, and let us know how it progresses.  



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