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Extracting metadata from sharepoint doc library to use in flow

Hi all i have a column in my sharepoint doc library called 'Test email' where the user types in an email of an individual they want to work with on their document. This is a required column and is just a text column and cant be left blank. 


In my flow i have to extract the metadata from that column and send that individual an email. I need to add in a condition to ensure the column is not blank, if blank user has to re-upload with all correct details. I have started the flow as below but it is not working for me. Im new working with power automate so any help is appreciated. 🙂 


Basically i need to pick up the email from the column in sharepoint, ensure its not blank, and then send an email to 'test email'.

But my flow is failing at the condition.







Super User II
Super User II

Hello @amulya222000 


As I understand your post then these are the steps that a user is doing:

  1. Uploads a document
  2. Updates the properties of the uploaded document, including adding the email address in "Test email"


Is the above correct?

Kind regards, John


Hi @JohnAageAnderse  Yes that is correct, those are the steps involved for the user


Hello @amulya222000 


Your flow may then run between step 1 and 2 which will inform the user to reupload the document as there is no email address in the "Test email" column. This is inconvenient for the user!


Suggest you to change your flow instead!

Use a trigger "When a file is created or changed" instead and have a hidden column "Informed email" in your library. The flow will only do the get metadata and send an email to the other user, when the "Test email" column has an email address and the "Informed email" does not have the same email address. After it sends the email, it updates the file properties with "Informed email" = "Test email". This flow will not do anything while the "Test email" is empty!


With the above, you then need a recurrent flow that runs every day and checks for uploaded documents with an empty "Test email" column. If any found it informs the creator to remember to add a value in the "Test email" column.


Thus no user is required to reupload their documents 🙂 

Kind regards, John

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